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Inktober: Part 1

When you say you're going to start posting again, and then proceed to wait two months instead of a week. I'm sorry. I told you that I was gonna start posting again, and then I forgot. And then I forgot again. And then I was busy. And then I didn't feel like it. And then I forgot again.

I guess this is partly due to the fact that to my knowledge, the only person that actually reads this is my sister, so I sort of felt like I could get away with it.

So, wonderful humans, I guess it's only right that I tell you what exactly it is I've been doing all this time. Inktober occupied the majority of my October, maybe half to a quarter of my November, and is currently spilling into my December. It wasn't really very high on my list of priorities, so I haven't finished it in time. Fair enough. However, it is bothering me a little that the closer I get to the end of the list, the longer my breaks in between drawings seem to get. For some reason I keep putting them off until I can bare it no longer, rather than just getting the darn thing finished. Anyways, I'm going to show my drawings to you. I'm going to break the month up into chunks, so the post isn't too long, which is why the title of this post is part one.

So, you're probably getting bored of me rambling on. Let's get into it.

Oh, by the way, I should probably let you know what I didn't follow the official prompts this year. This was partly because of all the drama surrounding the challenge's creator, but also, I didn't really like the Inktober prompts this year. So instead, I did @ellievsbear's Halftober prompts. You can find her on Instagram by the way, she draws really adorable art.

First! The prompt for day one was 'half' so I did this thing.

Day two was 'cozy' so I drew a forest thing covered in kittens.

Day three was 'garden'. I was looking at a lot of pictures of Japanese gardens when I drew this. I really love the little lanterns.

Day four was 'cloak'. I really like the capes in Sky: Children of the Light, so that inspired the design in this drawing.

Day five was 'hidden'. After a bit of brainstorming, I ended up drawing an Eastern dragon in a bamboo forest.

Day six was 'berry'. I really wanted to draw a pangolin, which if you didn't know, are really cute armadillo-like animals that look like this:

I made it a strawberry pangolin, so it would still be relevant to the prompt.

So yeah, that's some of the drawings I did. I'll post some more later.

Hope you have an amazing week and thanks for stopping by!

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